2013 – Jan – Dec

1 year Diploma in Trauma – NAOS, London. Focusing on the causes of and approaches to resolving trauma in clients.

2011 – ongoing

Shamanism – healing the soul (Northern Drum, with Chris Luttechau). Work with Soul to disconnect from disharmony in relationships, excise trauma in the system, return of missing parts of self, the healing power of heart and love, the healing power of light, enhancing meditation practices with natural elements and the energies and powers of animals. Connecting with rhythms of the Earth, Sun and Moon, the seasons and resonating on deeper levels with self.

2009 – 2010

Family Systemic Constellations (Center for Systemic Constellations with Judith Hemming, 2 year professional training). Connecting to our ancestral field of belonging this is group therapy that works with soul energy, from the individual to the ancestors. Enabling resolution, change and peace to be brought where unknown emotional entanglements existed before.

The Centre for Systemic Constellations was founded in 2001 as the Hellinger Institute for Britain, later becoming CSISS before reforming as the Centre.


Tantric Mantra Yoga (Para-Tan Healing – Mahavidia Center in Tamil Nadu, India) brought insight of our connectivity to Self and Universe, vedic teachings of lifestyle and food, ayervedic health, numerological astrological chart creation and readings and understanding of our written destiny. Its focus was working with the Ego and transcending its dramas into connectedness with body, mind and spirit, teaching of the Chakra system and the human system’s build up of emotional toxicity, and methods of Mediation, Mantra Yoga and techniques  for detoxification of emotional baggage.

2000 – 2006

I trained in Psychotherapy and Counseling (Spectrum – Center for Humanistic Psychotherapy),  specialising in Person Centered Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy (body work), Transactional Analysis, Jung (Dream analysis), Freud (The Human Psyche), Klein (Child Development), Lacan (Language as a symbolic system) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

insights I gained as a lecturer in Cultural Studies (BA Hons), and Film and Television Studies (MA) have been informative and influential in my movement towards working with individuals in mental, spiritual, ancestral and soul therapies.