Trusting your therapist or counsellor is the most important aspect of choosing one.

Is there a feeling of warmth and flow? Availability and interest in you and what you bring? Do you feel comfortable about asking them questions and speaking your truth, even if it risks challenging your therapist?

These are all valuable questions to bring into your decision-making process, and onward into the therapy space.

The space made available for a therapy session is there for your personal expressive needs. It is 60 minutes of time for yourself that is friendly but not friends. The space and time is created to enable you to be heard.. to be listened to… It is a process of sharing yourself, being witnessed with compassion and witnessing yourself, while being supported, guided, coached, with a listening ear and a connection to heart and soul.

The psychotherapeutic hour is alchemical. It is a space for personal dynamic movement and transformation.





8.30am – 8.30pm Monday to Friday

I offer individual sessions on Skype and Telephone for those unable to be geographically present.


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