Who is a Family Systemic Workshop for?

Men and women who have issues around marriage, living abroad, health, money, repeated unresolvable patterns, miscarriage and abortion, bereavement, home, work, relationships and addictions.

What is it and how does it work?

Life and love flow in one direction, and often this flow can be disrupted and stagnate. Family Systemic Constellations traces the lines of connection an individual has with his or her family members, both living and beyond. The ‘family’ aspect means that I work with the field of ancestors. Often, bringing ancestral lines into the present can help reveal an underlying source of tension or unhappiness that was left unresolved or unattended to, and which has been passed down in the family to the members still living.

Family Systemic Constellations sees that the buck stops with us. Often, it stops with us in ways that are far too difficult to carry on holding, and an individual can find that life is affected in a multitude of negative ways. Illnesses, sudden death, loss of children, loss of partners, loss of home and even country of origin, inability to hold or stay in relationships of all kinds, employment issues, financial issues, inability to progress in life and to fulfill the life dreams we have; depression, eating disorders and addictions are all areas that can be affected negatively. The work can bring peace, resolution, insights and many more benefits that reach far into the individual’s  family. Like a rain drop on a pond – the ripples reach out in ever-increasing circles of contact.

This happens because we are connected to our family through our ‘family soul’ – an energy that flows through and connects us with not only our relations, but also to the rest of the world, along these same energy lines.

Family Systemic Constellations traces the lines of love that bind us, and endeavors to untangle the knots that occur that are often left behind. It is soul work and time travel.

What does the work do?

The work seeks to bring peace to the system, and often brings strength to individuals who are struggling with aspects of their life. During a constellation I will focus on  the important details in the form of a constellation.  Acknowledgement and understanding can then be experienced, and entanglements can then be re-organised into harmonious relationship that become supportive.

What happens in a workshop?

This work involves working as a group, arranged in a circle.  The person who wishes to work is known as an Issue Holder. The space inside the circle is known as the field – the space that the constellation will happen in, and in which the Issue Holders’ system becomes present. The group consists of individuals from the general public who are interested in supporting the work – those not working on a personal issue are known as Representatives.  The work begins with the Issue Holder having a brief interview which highlights the problem. Then, members of the circle will be invited into the field to Represent an important aspect of the issue. The Representatives plot out the ‘Constellation’ in the field. As the Facilitator I then mediate with the separate parts of the issue and bring it to a point of natural rest. Each Issue lasts an hour on average.

What is expected of a Representative?

Representatives are there to support the energy present in the field. They are not required to act, interpret, analyse, or perform in any way. Their sole role is to be open, honest, communicative and responsive to what they experience. This is welcome in both the holding circle and in a representative role.

What is present during a Constellation?

This is work with soul energy. It is phenomenological, which means that what becomes manifested, or present, is what is worked with.

Who benefits?

Both Issue Holders and Representatives get the unique opportunity to experience what others have done in a ‘first hand’ form and this can open up enormous insight and shift blockages in their own relationships into a healing position.

How to Attend a workshop:

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