The ‘Orders of Love’ govern our relationships. (Bert Hellinger)

Most important is the Couple. The heart connection, creating intimacy, trust and openness.

When this connection is lost the relationship begins to falter and can bring suffering. Love, however, rarely dies, it is simply lost from sight. New perspective can be brought that enables creation of a new connection.

I assist couples to reconnect and to bring open discussion and frank expression to resolving their differences. Often it is about re-creating a balance that has been lost.

Counseling for couples focuses on looking at what has been lost, what is needed, forging a reconnection – if that is what is wanted, assisting an ending – if that is what is wanted – in the best possible way – bringing peace to the system.

I work with couples from a Systemic approach.

Availability: 8.30am – 8.30pm.

Skype sessions are available for couples unable to be geographically present.


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