Being dislocated from my parents and home for the first 4 years of life, was a heavy fait, which attracted greater and greater degrees of separation, invisibility, disconnection, relationship difficulties and feelings of worthlessness. Such a heavy fait has brought in immense learning, deep insight, the pathways to self-discovery and guidance for enormous healing – ultimately, its been a great blessing!

My struggle to survive and then to live and experience happiness has been an epic journey with many chapters and many stories. The ever-unfolding meta-narrative of my life has brought forth a radiant and inspired understanding of what life truly can be.

With such insight I sit with my clients, assisting their journey towards themselves, helping access feelings, thoughts and actions about their past, present and immediate futures. The Talking Cure I believe is a vital and revitalising aspect of owning our journey – the Medicine Story that holds the DNA of all we have experienced, and that in its unravelling and retelling can be rewoven into experiencing life more fully, connectedly, energetically – with heart and soul aliveness.

Each of our stories is partially inherited from our ancestors. In Family Systemic Constellations I create a space to enter the family system of clients so they may witness what has been hidden in the system, and what has been carried forward from heart to heart, until its arrival with themselves. Ancestoral traumas can have lasting effects on future generations – giving shape to our lives in the form of decision-making, recurring patterns – both positive and negative, illness, feelings of dis-enablement, depression, confusion and much more. My role as Facilitator of this work is to bring healing sentences to assist family healing, and to bring the systemic constellation into healthy alignment and peace.

Working energetically with body, as a Shaman, I assist soul connection for greater creativity, strength and clarity.